El Atino & Co



El Atino & Co. was established to share, teach, learn and enjoy Latin American food.

Our objective is to bring a genuine Latin experience to all who crave to discover Latin American cuisines.

El Atino & Co. is a food complex located in Richmond Victoria designed for experimenting, tasting, participating and experiencing Latin American food and beverage. At the heart of this food complex is our Food Store, Café (Food Laboratory) and Kitchen (Food Workshop and R&D).

All of us at El Atino & Co. know Latin culture – not because we were told about it or because we read about it, but because we were there. We danced to its music, we saw its spectrum of colours and felt all of its flavours. We tried, failed and succeeded, we fell in love and out of love. We grew up Latin and, above all, we tasted, cooked and enjoyed Latin America’s food.

We knew we owed Latin America a special tribute so we decided to apply all of that Latin background wisdom and experience to redefine Latin American cuisines in Australia with a new attitude and personality.

Our Latin kitchen is different to the ones you know. It wakes up all the senses, it challenges the knowledgeable and at the same time is welcoming to the novice.

El Atino & Co. is a place of meeting, of mixing, for experimenting; a place to let yourself go, to share flavours and to find new culinary experiences. It is a place to find your inner-Latin.

Welcome to a Latin vanguard cuisine.
Welcome to El Atino & Co.